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Spencer Fluid Power Electronic Controls

Completely customized electro hydraulic control system

Spencer works with you to bring your idea to life. Our experienced personnel have an extensive knowledge of the industry and can help you realize your ideas. Our Solutions Group exists to sit down with you to understand your business and your processes. Then together we work through how to use our hydraulics to solve a problem or create an opportunity. Contact us today to get the process started.

Taking your machine into the future with automation

Spencer works with new and existing customers to address problems they never knew could be solved with electronically controlled hydraulics. All you need to do is set up time to talk with a Spencer engineer to discuss your unique situation, and we will work with you to come up with a solution. For example, did you know that a shortage of labor resources could be solved with automation? Spencer has the knowledge and product assortment to automate systems you never knew could be automated.

Electronic Control Integration

With electronic controls and sensors, operators can monitor hydraulic systems, and the engines that drive them, like never before. Modern displays can be programmed by Spencer personnel to display literally any information that is being fed into it. As long as there is a sensor installed on your system, you can monitor its feedback easily from one single display.

More than just system feedback, electronic controls can increase efficiency of existing systems. For example, off road vehicles used in agricultural applications can utilizes electronic control in their steering systems. This smooths out the ride and reduces the number of bumps inherent in off-road applications

Top Notch Hydraulic Controls Product Selection

Spencer uses only the best products in our solutions. And by best, we mean the best for your specific situation. Using suppliers like Danfoss, Cross Control, Topcon/Wachendorff, STW Technic, our engineers have access to the controller, display, telematics and sensor products that will best suit your application. Combined with the industry experience and knowledge of our engineers, you can rest assured that a Spencer solution will meet and exceed your expectations.

As part of the turnkey system, Spencer programs all electronic components for your system, so all you have to do is install it and you're in business. However, all of our electronics use the open-source CODESYS software platform, so you can make your own adjustments to the programming if need be.

Top Notch Hydraulic Controls Product Selection

Spencer takes the complications out of set up and installation by giving you a complete turnkey system. Everything we supply comes ready-to-use or ready-to-install, whatever the case may be. One of the complications of electronic machine control is the wiring. Spencer creates custom wire harnesses that keep positive control of your wiring, turning a complicated rat’s nest into a simple, easy-to-use wire harness. But we don’t stop there, Spencer will train your operators to be sure you can hit the ground running with your electro hydraulic solution.

Spencer Fluid Power Electronic Controls: Camera ScreenSpencer Fluid Power Electronic Controls: Camera Screen

Safety Features

Electronic controls add a lot to your system, among those are safety features like cameras to help you operate your machine without injury or property damage.

Spencer Fluid Power Electronic Controls: Wiring SolutionsSpencer Fluid Power Electronic Controls: Wiring Solutions

Custom Wiring Solutions

With our custom solutions come custom wire harnesses. These will help you turn a normally complicated operation in a simple, easy to manage wiring system.

Spencer Fluid Power Electronic Controls: Joystick, buttons and screenSpencer Fluid Power Electronic Controls: Joystick, buttons and screen


With joysticks, switches, keypads, and screens, Spencer is sure to have the perfect human-machine-interface (HMI) for your system.

Spencer Fluid Power Electronic Controls: Radio Controls/Wireless Telematics Bell PackSpencer Fluid Power Electronic Controls: Radio Controls/Wireless Telematics Bell Pack

Radio Controls/

Wireless Telematics

Belly packs and other radio remote controls allow users to operate and monitor machinery from the safety of distance.

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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