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Aquaculture and Fisheries

Flexible, Customizable and Rugged Radio Remote Control Solution

The Aqua-Life Fish Pump System can be used for both non submersible and submersible applications. In a typical application, the fish pump is placed into or next to a raceway, pond, or cage pen with the hydraulic leads and outlet hose attached. The pump is then positioned to crowd or direct fish or shrimp into the pump intake chute using a screen crowder, cutter seines, or shrimp pond drainage systems. A discharge hose is attached and runs from the pump to a dewatering device or a fish grader which can be mounted on top of a live haul truck or trailer. Rugged and accurate wireless remote control is critical in these applications.

Magic Valley Heli Arc (MVHA) approached Spencer Fluid Power to engineer hydraulic and electronic controls for the operation of the fish transfer pump systems. In turn, Spencer Fluid Power recommended Scanreco for reliable wireless remote control of these mission critical systems.

With the capability to fully customize and configure its label, the graphical display and firmware, both engineering teams determined that the Scanreco Rocket Flex platform would best meet MHVA’s specific requirements for flexibility and toughness.

The G5 M19A Receiver with Proportional Control was implemented to facilitate accurate ramping of the proportional output required to control the fish transfer system. Furthermore, the Rocket Flex platform can be configured as a repeater network, effectively maximizing the coverage of the wireless network.

Magic Valley Heli Arc & Mfg

Magic Valley Heli Arc & Mfg. (MVHA) is a manufacturer of the Aqua Life Fish Transfer Pump System. Based in Twin Falls, Idaho, MVHA develops high performance and cost saving fish transfer technology for Aquaculture and Fish Farming. For over 30 years, MVHA has dedicated itself to the research, design,
and manufacture of equipment for the harvest, transfer, and transport of live fish and shrimp.

Requirement: Long distances

We can fulfill most emergency pump requests within a 24-hour time frame. If your machine is down waiting for a new pump, give us a call and we can discuss getting you back up and running before the day is over.

Solution: Repeater Network

Working with engineers from Spencer Fluid Power, Scanreco developed a radio repeater network to extend the effective range of the system. The Repeater unit extends the coverage area of the system by relaying the signals between the Transmitter and Receiver unit. In combination with cutting-edge radio transmission technologies like FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), the Rocket Flex/G5 system with Repeater unit ensures stable wireless control of the fish pump at distances up to 1500 meters with line of sight.

Requirement: Harsh conditions

MHVA demanded functionality with minimal failure in wet, salty, humid, hot and cold operational environments.

Solution: Rocket Flex

With an operational temperature range of -25°C to +55°C / ~ -15°F to + 130°F and an ingresses protection rating of IP65, the Rocket Flex platform is designed from the ground up to perform in harsh and hostile environments.

Requirement: System Feedback and Ease of Use

MVHA requested a branded remote control interface with a Graphical Display for system feedback to the operator and buttons robust enough to operated with heavy gloves and wet hands. Additionally, MVHA required that certain buttons be covered to reduce operator error.

Solution: Customized interface and firmware

Working closely with MVHA, Spencer and Scanreco engineers created a completely customized remote control interface with custom button covers. Scanreco software engineers developed custom firmware to make the interface intuitive and easy to operate. MVHA is able to easily upload and custom program units prior to shipment to its customers.

Requirement: Accuracy

MHVA required precise ramping of the proportional output to accurately control and monitor the proper flow of both water and fish.

Solution: Full control buttons

The speed PWM output was programmed with “Volume Control” ramping proportional functionality. The Output operates like a TV volume control. Pressing and releasing the increase button will increment the output value from OFF to MIN. Each press and release will increment the output by one step. Pressing and holding the increase button will ramp the output from OFF to MAX.

Requirement: International market

MVHA wanted the ability to sell its fish pump transfer systems with radio remote control in international markets.

Solution: 2.4GHz solution

With the Rocket Flex’s 2.4 GHz radio frequency and EU safety certifications for E-Stop, MVHA can sell and service international markets like the European Union and the Mediterranean Region; vital markets for aquaculture.


  • Capacity to ship to EU and international markets with 2.4 GHz radio frequency
  • 25% fewer field equipment replacements
  • 90% boost in effective radio frequency range
  • 50% reduction in user error

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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