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Spencer Fluid Power Custom Hydraulic Solutions

Spencer handles all aspects of making a custom machine for exactly your unique application. As a result, we offer a turnkey solution, where you simply need to install it on your existing system.

Our solutions are built, programmed, tested and calibrated to your specifications.

Spencer's knowledgable staff and catalog of quality components allow us to create the solution you need, even if you didn't know you need it. Talk to our Solutions Group about your situation and what pain points you may be experiencing and you can be sure that we can come up with a way to solve it. With our fully customizable Permco pumps, AMCA proportional directional control valves and a wide array of electronic controls, we create automated solutions to address problems or inefficiencies you have.

Spencer Fluid Power past successes

Narrow Harvester Platform

Before the narrow harvester platform, orchard workers were required to move ladders from tree to tree and climb up and down to pick fruit. Working closely with their customer, Spencer Fluid Power created a machine that allows workers to drive down the rows of an orchard and pick fruit from the comfort and safety of a variable-height platform.

Aquaculture and Fisheries

Aqua-Life Fish Pump Systems are typically placed into or next to bodies or water with hydraulic leads and outlet hose directly attached. In collaboration with their customer, Spencer Fluid Power was able to produce a solution that could cover long distances, handle the harsh elements, was accurate and easy to use, and could be used in international markets all with reliable wireless remote controls.

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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